JFK Assassination Records




But many of them were kept secret after last minute tussles with the security services at the very last minute, US spy services forced him to leave some of them out, citing national security concerns.

“I have no choice,” Mr Trump said in a memo, and said that the documents might cause “potentially irreversible harm” to national security if they were to be released now. With that, he said he could only release 2,800 of the files, and hope that the rest would be allowed through in April.

Trump ordered agencies that have proposed withholding material related to the assassination to report to the archivist by next March 12 on which specific information meets the standard for continued secrecy.

That standard includes details that could cause “harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement or conduct of foreign relations,” Trump wrote in his order. The archivist will have two weeks to tell Trump whether those recommendations validate keeping the withheld information a secret after April 26.

The full record will still be kept from the public for at least six months — and longer if agencies make a persuasive enough case for continued secrecy.

The collection includes more than 3,100 records — comprising hundreds of thousands of pages — that have never been seen by the public. About 30,000 documents were released previously — with redaction’s.

Whatever details are released, they’re not expected to give a definitive answer to a question that still lingers for some: Whether anyone other than Oswald was involved in the assassination.

The Warren Commission in 1964 concluded that Oswald had been the lone gunman, and another congressional probe in 1979 found no evidence to support the theory that the CIA had been involved. But other interpretations, some more creative than others, have persisted.



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