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NWO, World Government, map, 2005

NWO World Government 2005 Map

NWO World Government Map

1. The World Marc Marc Ladreit de usa usa Ladreit de Lacharrière MDM Financial Group is one intelligence Opus Dei Opus Dei has some 80 000 SMOM Malta knighthoods are awarded to many leading owns Samsung Electronics Toyoo Gyohten Former Chariman of the Institute Debevoise Skadden, Arps france Lachar- Friendship relations rière 100 with opus dei. President of the Opus Dei of the three most important Private financial groups in Russia (in assets). Un 2002 Russia Russia Schlumberger family Seydoux von Battenberg complex members in 87 countries, individuals who are part of the military and Fimalac French Steering September 30, MDM have a MDM NIKoil Family family for International Monetary Committee of the Famille capital of $2,52 billion. Financial Financial essentially in Spain and intelligence community. The CIA’s Bill Casey, for Lee Affairs. He worked 34 years in Trilateral Botin Corporation Latin America example, was Knight of Malta. Former NATO family Bilderberg Group family ( It is General (and later US Secretary of State) Alexander the Finance ministery Commission NIKoil controles more than present in 487 universities Haig is also a Malta Knight. Another is General 100 70% of the industrial Government Korea Mitsubishi Corporation Toyoo ? market and manages Andrey Michel Roussin and post-secondary Vernon Walters, the former Deputy Director of the CIA institutions, 52 radio and under DCI George Bush and later appointed a roving Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is Mitsubishi 100 Family Gyohten senior Opus Dei 50% of the russion Melnichenko Michel President of the television stations, 694 Ambassador during the Reagan administration. The owns Japans largest general trading advisor Owner hedge funds assets, Roussin MEDEF’s (the French business syndicate’s) Hyundai company (sogo shosha) with representing around publishers, 38 press and legendary head of the OSS – the WW11 precursor of Motor over 200 bases of operations in Japan Fitch Msgr. Botin 80 000 investors. last African Committee. Alpina AMORC Lucis advertising agencies, 12 the CIA – was “Wild” Bill Donovan, who was made a approximately 80 countries Renato Dardozzi Carlyle is one of the worlds shareholder African Committee Vice- Trust film distribution agencies. Knight along with his wartime compatriot and later CIA Banco known president Bolloré has (See Penny Lernoux, People chief of counter-intelligence, James Jesus Angleton. And Chung worldwide. Together with its Santander largest global private equity of God: The Struggle for John McCone, another prominent member of the US family over 500 group companies, MC Mitsubishi Bank of Moodys usa firms with a track record of been accused of grave World Catholicism, New “spook” agency was also distinguished with a Malta employs a multinational Corporation Tokyo- Fitch, 3rd rating over 285 investment former president responsibilities in the York: Viking, 1989) knighthood. workforce of approximately SOGO Mitsubishiagency in the world Owner Carlyle transactions since its founding of the Bilderberg Rwandan genocide. Skull & Bones Bohemian club Korea 47,000 people. SHOSHA Group in 1987 and with over $16,3 . Vatican SHOSHA Oldest and most formed in 1872 Standard billion currently under SOGO Supreme SMOM Priory of Sion 2nd rating prestigious of Yale’s 2,700 members Mizuho Financial Group & Poors Istituto per le management. via Sumitomo SOUTH agency in the world Trust seven secret societies. The collective corporate Council, Order Order of St. John KOREA The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, 2,2 2,2 Opere di Owner Among the others are : stock ownership by 33∞ of of Jerusalem Limited, the Fuji Bank, Limited Religione Lord Roll Bolloré employees 140 000 IOR Vincent Scroll & Key, Book & members and guests (Scottish Malta Owner of the born 1947 and the Industrial Bank of Sumitomo 100 of Ipsden Groupe 50,1 Snake, Wolf’s Head, conservatively rite) Chivalric Alliance of Cathay Life Tsai LG Japan, Limited have merge to 1st rating Bolloré Orders of Saint John Manhattan Institute Family agency in the world Bolloré G8 G8-member state State Eliahu and Berzelius. The exceeds $100 Bush publicly credits the Insurance Family Group create Mizuho Bank, Ltd and advisor fraternities serve as a billion. (source : USA et de la Banque Fubon Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. Federal republic The indication mentioned in the header Industrial firm recruiting ground for young Peter Phillips, Pilgrim Manhattan Institute with Second world financial group création 1919 Owner Owner men destined for careers in COUNTERPUNCH, Skull Society Opus Legionnaries inventing his entire after Citigroup. Vatican Rothschild Warburg Vincent Bolloré German state (republic, constitutional monarchy, etc.) is Pennzoil or conglomerate & Bones Dei “compassionate conservative” of Christ Worms family given as a guideline only (CIA sources). Quaker government, law, finance and 2003) (UK-USA) billionaire Koo Nicholas Rothschild Warburg 1976-1981. Deputy director of Civil code State other influential sectors of Bohemian Council on Bilderberg platform and persona. club family Sumitomo owner (100%) Mori Clive- family the compagnie financière Protestant 34% American life. Foreign The Bruges Group Masahide Shibusawa Japan Kichizaemon of the Mori Group Worms Group Dillon Read Rothschild. Antoine Bernheim, Median age 41.3 yrs Club Relations LOTIS, Liberalization of Trade Shibusawa Eiichi SOGO Clan Bush Nicholas Clive-Worms associate of the Lazard Bank fossile 61,8% Legal system: basic description of the in Services SHOSHA Clan Grandson of Hyppolite historical underpinnings of the legal system ? CFR Lotis Member of LOTIS : Peter ? childhood friend of his mother, used. Mizuho maj Mitsui Hitotsubashi Clan Worms, founder of the Banque Warburg: fourth speculator has supported Vincent Bolloré Committee for the Economic Sutherland, Lord Brittan, Warburg Masahide Shibusawa George counterpart Religion: the percentage does not indicate finance Tasman Institute Financial Family Worms (Jewish banker, on the currencymarket right from the outset. intelligence mercenaries car law Development of Australia Dillon Read , UBS… Masahide Shibusawa, converted to Catholicism, anti- family Rothschild coopération Soros Président the number of practicing believers but the (Australia) Group (source: Banque Matsushita Clan


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